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Open call: Fjord Oslo 2022

lunedì, 28 marzo 2022

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] The International Call for light installations, interactive installations, video projections and mapping projections for the third edition of Fjord Oslo is open for submission. Please, note, only outdoor art works are going to be considered.

Theme: Perspective / Proscpective

Perspective – from Latin perspectīvus – to look at closely.

Prospective – from Latin prospectus – to look into a distance.

The first is our personal point of view, our perception, our perspective. The second is our idea of the future, our look forward – the possibilities, the visions and expectations it holds.

The two are closely related – our individual perspectives form our common prospective.

In the light of recent complex events in the world, we are inviting artists and audiences to reflect upon how our individual viewpoints and choices influence our common future. And what we envision this future to be.
Each of us, and all of us together.

Deadline: 04.05.2022