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Open Call: Bright Festival Connect 2022

Thursday, 28 July 2022

Bright Festival_Connect is an international cooperation project promoting digital creativity as a means of connection between different countries and cultures, in collaboration with institutions, schools, enterprises, artists and design studios. From 20 to 23 October, the stunning spaces of Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig will host its 3rd official edition.

● Digital art & interactive installations
● Immersive art shows
● Mixed and new media art installations
● Video mapping projects
● Light & sound art installations
● Augmented reality
● A / V performances

Projects already presented in other fairs or events will also be considered.
Participation is free and can take place individually, as a group or collective of artists. However, in the selection phase, the groups will be considered as a single person, in the figure of their representative.
The production costs of the projects need to be covered by the candidates.

● Reimbursement on a lump sum of 1000 € for travel and accommodation*
● Customised promotional and advertising campaigns for the artist/studio
● A dedicated area with electricity supply and technical assistance
● Wi-fi service
● 2 Day & Night tour pass
● Food & Beverage welcome kit

Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig
A former power plant turned into the first venue in Germany entirely dedicated to multimedia art installations. Spectacular 360° immersive audiovisual projections, art exhibitions, live music events, digital & multimedia shows immerse visitors every day breaking all boundaries between artworks and audiience. All in all, 3.600 square meters of wall and floor space are covered in digital art. The Kunstkraftwerk space is composed of five main exhibition areas.

Deadline: 10.09.2022