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Tesla sonification

Sunday, 26 February 2023

Francesco Mariano is a musician, sound designer and software developer who has created an application to sonify the performance of cryptocurrency stocks through sound generation. The application emits low, descending sounds when the cryptocurrency's value decreases, ascending arpeggios in a higher register when the cryptocurrency's value gains. In addition, the app also offers a graphical display of the security's performance by changing the colour of the screen and zooming in on the security's value.
The application conceived by Francis can be used as an interactive multimedia installation but may have further interesting developments. It could also be useful for investors who wish to follow the trend of cryptocurrencies through new ways. In addition, the application can easily be customised for the use of other audio generators or for the sonification of several securities at the same time.
On the technical side, Francis used an algorithm to convert real-time data of the cryptocurrency's security value into sounds and visualisations. The application interfaces with Yahoo Finance via the API protocol to obtain the real-time data of cryptocurrency securities and then uses the Max MSP /Jitter software to generate the real-time sounds and visualisations. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are a set of rules and protocols that allow different software to communicate with each other and exchange data.
Francesco's application has the potential to develop further, both sonically and visually. For instance, it could add the possibility to select different musical instruments for sonification or use a 3D visual representation for the stock trend. Furthermore, the application could be expanded to include data on other types of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and currencies.
The use of the Francis application could be extended beyond use as a multimedia installation or as a monitoring tool for investors. For example, it could be used in educational contexts to teach the principles of finance or mathematics, or in artistic contexts as a live performance element.