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giovedì, 29 luglio 2021

Open Call: 1minute Projection Mapping in Tokyo

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] "1minute Projection Mapping" is an international video mapping competition. It is the biggest mapping contests in Asia for
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mercoledì, 28 luglio 2021

Open Call: SIMULTAN Festival 2021—Unstable State of Things

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] SIMULTAN is an annual festival dedicated to interdisciplinary arts – emerging media projects, experimental music and and
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martedì, 27 luglio 2021

Open Call: Fisura, International Experimental Film and Video Festival

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] Fisura, International Experimental Film and Video Festival, Mexico summons for its second edition 2021 filmmakers, artists
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martedì, 20 luglio 2021


[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] This period redefined the notion of contact on a worldwide level. The international festival of digital arts in Greece, is
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lunedì, 19 luglio 2021

OPEN CALL The Guará Mapping Festival

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] The Guará Mapping Festival is the first Mapping Projection Festival in Paraná state, south of Brazil.It takes place 31 of
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lunedì, 19 luglio 2021

OPEN CALL Orbiting The Glitch

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] ‘Orbiting the Glitch’ will be an online exhibition based on the exploration of the glitch aesthetic in audio and visual a
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venerdì, 16 luglio 2021


[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] The deadline to submit your proposal for the XXII edition of Live Performers Meeting is extended to the 25th of July!LPM a
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martedì, 13 luglio 2021

**OPEN CALL Nabi Online Hackathon**

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] is an online hackathon that experiments and invents new ‘plays’ in the ever-changing and expanding digital culture with a
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martedì, 06 luglio 2021

LPM News: 500 € SPECIAL PRIZE from atFest to the best installation

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] 500 € SPECIAL PRIZE from atFest to the best installation to be hosted in the next Festival Edition.atFest – digital arts –
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giovedì, 24 giugno 2021


[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] NTAA’22 – New Technological Art Award 2022ZebrastaatThe mission of NTAANTAA’s mission is to expand the scope of artistic a
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martedì, 15 giugno 2021

Open Call - Cosmolights v.02

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] Creative projection mapping designers from all over the world are invited to take part in the 2nd CosmoLights Competition
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giovedì, 10 giugno 2021

AVnode on Reddit & Telegram

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] Are you interested to AVnode news and events?Do you love Telegram?Stay updated with us on https://t.me/avnode Do you also
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venerdì, 04 giugno 2021

LPM 2021 Apulia | Call to Participate

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] LPM Live Performers Meeting is very excited to invite you to LPM 2021 Apulia, a think-tank and a celebration of XXII of is
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giovedì, 03 giugno 2021

Call for Artists : Blooming Festival 2021

Blooming è un festival unico in Italia: invade il centro storico di Pergola con installazioni, proiezioni, performance in chiese e cantine solitamente chiuse
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lunedì, 31 maggio 2021

The COCA project 2021

Il Progetto COCA 2021 è un concorso per artisti e designer emergenti che offre l'opportunità di entrare a far parte del network di The House of Collectors, in
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venerdì, 21 maggio 2021

Open Screen 2021

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] Developed in partnership with Shape Arts, Open Screen is arebyte’s yearly open call for digital artists working online to
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martedì, 18 maggio 2021

The Lumen Prize For Art & Technology 2021

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] The Lumen Prize for Art and Technology is calling all artists engaging with technology to submit their best work and enter
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lunedì, 17 maggio 2021

REAKTOR Potential Call For Concepts 2021

[Testo disponibile solo in inglese] In its transdisciplinary program, the REAKTOR presents works that breathe the spirit of their time. What was once to be be
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venerdì, 14 maggio 2021

Live Cinema Festival 2021

Live Cinema Festival sta tornando con la sua 8° edizioneRestate collegati!23-26 | 09Roma
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venerdì, 14 maggio 2021

Call for VR Projects - Lieu.City

Lieu.city SRL è una start up innovativa, con sedi a Cagliari e Milano, specializzata nella creazione di esperienze di realtà virtuale nel campo delle mostre i
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mercoledì, 12 maggio 2021

Open Call: Over The Real

Bando di concorso per la sesta edizione del Festival Internazionale di Video Art Over the Real.Il Festival presenta le linee di ricerca più significative anni
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