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Presentation to the city

Born in Rome the first museum in the world dedicated to web art

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 from 11.00 am to 11.00 pm

Presentation to the city

Rome, Piazza Immacolata – San Lorenzo

Tuesday, May 23, 2006, the WAM project comes out with the collaboration of institutions, companies and personalities of the field, are presented the architectural plans of the students in the Faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia”, made for two spaces in the same San Lorenzo.


Multi-media installations by the LumesArch (University telematics in the architecture field) for the display of the projects developed by the students of the Faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia”, University La Sapienza of Rome, inside the Preparation Laboratories of the Degree in Interior Design, held by the professors Angelo Iacovitti and Maurizio Crocco, who are also members of Lumes. The projects cover the construction of a multi-functional space dedicated to the arts and digital productions.

From 11am WAM – PRENATAL

Multimedia installation by Shockart.net where is possible to visit the web art exhibitions curated by shockart.net:

  • NET.PAINTING – PEAM 2005 – 2005 – Pescara, Italia
  • PEAM 2004 – WEB_ART SECTION – 2004 – Pescara, Italia
  • ARTECNOLOGIE – 2003 – Castel Sant’Angelo Roma
  • NET CHISEL – 2002 – IX Biennale di scultura di Carrara
  • SHOCKART@FLASHFORWARD NYC – 2002 – Flash Forward 2002 New York USA
  • SHOCKART@FLASHFORWARD SF – 2002 – Flash Forward 2002 San Francisco, USA
  • KwArt SMAU 2000 – 2000 – SMAU 2000 Fiera di Milano
  • SHOCKART@BLUECHEESE – 2000 – BlueCheese Factory Roma

From 5 pm – WAM AMBIENT

Multimedia installations by LumesArch, Scalaunoauno, Interior Design Course of the Professor Andrea Moneta – Faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia”

  • (p)ASSAGGI SONORI a San Lorenzo – an interactive journey into the sounds, noises, voices of the neighborhood
  • Canale Alpha Pietralata – Projections of the project of landscape-theater
  • SAND IT OR SEND IT? – Architectural Mandala
  • IPERPIAZZA – Hypertext takes shape
  • 5 SOCIET(t)A’ Invisibili – urban draft screenplay project by Laura Vignoli
  • WIP – WEB IMPORTANT PERSON – Experiments photos transport on the Web


Greetings from the patronizing institutions:

  • Nando Simeon – Vice-President of the Provincial Council of Rome / / www.provincia.roma.it
  • Orlando Corsetti – President III Town Hall / / www.comune.roma.it
  • Roberto Rossetti – Head of School, Sports, Decentralization III Hall of the City of Rome / / www.comune.roma.it
  • Gino Ciogli – Mayor of Ladispoli / /http://www.comune.ladispoli.roma.it
  • Prof. Roberto Palumbo – Dean of the Faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia” in Rome / / www.vallegiulia.uniroma1.it
  • Prof. Giorgio Romoli – Chairman of the Degree of Furniture and Interior-Architecture / / www.vallegiulia.uniroma1.it

Presentation of the WAM project, will attend:

  • Achille Bonito Oliva – Art Critic
  • Luca Bergamo – Candidate for City Council to L’Ulivo for Veltroni / / www.lucabergamo.it
  • Maurizio Crocco – Lumes Telematic University / / www.lumesarch.org
  • Del Gobbo Gianluca * – WAM, Flyer communication, Shockart.net / / www.flyer.it / / www.shockart.net
  • Angelo Iacovitti – Lumes Telematic University, Faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia” / / www.lumesarch.org / / www.uniroma1.it
  • Andrea Moneta – Lumes Telematic University, Faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia” / / www.lumesarch.org / / www.uniroma1.it
  • Emanuela Nobile Mino – Art critic and curator, Shockart.net / / www.shockart.net
  • Luigi Pagliarini – Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting Director, Maersk Institute, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Electronics, University of Southern Denmark / / www.artificialia.com / Peam / / www.mip.sdu.dk
  • Valentina Tanni – Exibart, Random Magazine / / www.exibart.com / / www.random-magazine.net
  • Paolo Vagheggi – La Repubblica, Kataweb Art / / www.repubblica.it

From 9 pm to 11 pm – WAM LIVE

Sounds and images will accompain the vision of the installations, in the impressive S Lorenzo night:

FLxER Team – Live visuals / / www.flxer.net

Pixelorchestra – Live visuals / / www.pixelorchestra.net

Kinotek – Live visuals / / www.kinotek.org

Pigneto quartet – Sound Design / / www.pn4trio.com

wam cimba

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[nggallery id=492]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Alessia De Angelis Cecilia De Donnantonio

[nggallery id=214]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Dario Loscialpo Marianna Pantalone

[nggallery id=237]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Eleonora Renzi Michela Romano

[nggallery id=239]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Francesca Murano Annamaria Pata

[nggallery id=249]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Francesca Nigro Francesca Rossi

[nggallery id=232]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Francesca Petrongari

[nggallery id=241]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Francesca Petrongari

[nggallery id=255]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Gabriele Polletta

[nggallery id=228]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Giulia Giampiccolo

[nggallery id=229]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Dario Bontempi

[nggallery id=236]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Cristina Orizzonte Serena Ramondo

[nggallery id=247]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Anna Liberatori Jasmina Alarkovic

[nggallery id=226]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Annalisa di Nucci

[nggallery id=206]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Antonella Ferrari

[nggallery id=227]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Chiara Massidda

[nggallery id=225]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Claudio Calanca Alessandra Fredducci

[nggallery id=211]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Dario Giansiracusa

[nggallery id=223]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Eleonora Guadagno

[nggallery id=207]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Filomena Abruzzese

[nggallery id=210]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Giada Ianni Barbara Galli Flavia Lavorato

[nggallery id=213]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Giovanna Iacovelli

[nggallery id=203]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Giulia Marrone Silvia Manzari Caterina Micucci

[nggallery id=209]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Loi Arianna Longo Maria Rita

[nggallery id=221]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Lorenzo Bonanni2

[nggallery id=217]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Lorenzo Bonanni

[nggallery id=220]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Luigi Comito

[nggallery id=215]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Mariangela Labianca

[nggallery id=218]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Martina Bizzi

[nggallery id=219]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Stefania Galletti Giusy Gambuzza

[nggallery id=216]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Valentina Brindisi

[nggallery id=212]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Valentina Galasso Lucia Galeano

[nggallery id=224]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Valeria Lacoppola

[nggallery id=222]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Zaira Migliozzi

[nggallery id=208]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Alessia Minotti Mirta Micci

[nggallery id=248]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Bruno Losengo

[nggallery id=242]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Claudia Orsetti

[nggallery id=230]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Cristiana Politi

[nggallery id=253]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Giuseppina Pomposelli

[nggallery id=251]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Immagini correlate

[nggallery id=234]


[nggallery id=244]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Laura Passa

[nggallery id=250]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Laura Quattrini

[nggallery id=231]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Margherita Perri

[nggallery id=243]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Maria Paternoster

[nggallery id=245]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Martina Palocci

[nggallery id=252]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Maurizio Priolo

[nggallery id=233]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Pinto Roberta Oliverio Virginia

[nggallery id=254]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Ramona Passaretta

[nggallery id=240]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Sergio Di Murro

[nggallery id=246]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Simona Mochi

[nggallery id=238]

Prof.Maurizio Crocco - Valentina Piccinini Ilaria Proietti

[nggallery id=235]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Claudia Orsetti

[nggallery id=204]

Prof.Angelo Iacovitti - Cristoforo Freda Giosi Gallo

[nggallery id=205]
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Presentation to the city