Web Art Mouseum


WAM – Web Art Mouseum

Born from the idea to create the first museum exclusively devoted to one of the most interesting contemporary art forms: the Web Art, the WAM intends to be a Center of production, training, promotion and dissemination of all art forms and disciplines related to web and digital.

The project comes within the Flyer Communication laboratory projects, communication agency specialized on web and live video:

  • VJTelevision.com (2010), the first live video TV, which broadcasts 24h/24 video content,
  • LPM (2004), the biggest event in the world in live video field
  • AI – Artificial Intelligence (2002), an application able to determine dynamically the communication strategies;
  • FLxER.net (2001), a free software and community of over 14.000 video artists;
  • Shockart.net (1999), an international reference point for the Web Art.

Thanks to the experiences, to the awards, but especially to the local and international networks created during the years, the conditions are favorable to the creation of a Center for Digital unique in the world, economically independent, able to provide professional training of excellence, with a remarkable international and regional impact.


The goal of WAM is to create a physical place where to channel the skills of several bodies involved in the project, in order to establish a solid link between the various policy areas (production, training, promotion and dissemination), making the WAM a Center of excellence on digital.

The creation of an organized Centre will disclose and disseminate, through an active promotion and production, culture and digital art. Through the courses and the production of professionals and digital artists from around the world can be explored structural and aesthetic innovations related to the use of digital technology as an instrument of artistic creation and communication.


  • Web and interactivity
  • Digital video & 3D
  • Digital music & Sound design
  • Live Video Performance
  • Hypertext and hypermedia
  • Arts, Communication and Technology
  • Software Art, Net Art, Hardware Art and Hacker Art


Recontextualizing the concept of museum in the contemporary scene, the WAM inteds:

  •  to produce quality digital products, hosting inside companies which constitute the financial support of the whole structure, improving and experimenting new knowledge and technical skills.
  •  to provide high training in the field of digital by using methods and human resources of excellence, and focusing on training master of high levels currently absent in Italy, both in public and in private proposal.
  • to carry out educational activities aimed to educate and sensitize the visitor on the artistic, historical and cultural value of the new technical, theoretical and creative phenomena related to digital.
  • to promote and disseminate through festivals, events, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, meetings, conferences and workshops, the themes of art and disciplines related to the web, digital and electronic culture
  • to host two events, roots of the project: the first WWAE – World Web Art Exhibition, curated by Shockart.net and LPM – Live Performers Meeting, annual international event dedicated to live video performances.
  • to provide services to the area, such as wireless web access and the ability to take advantage of the technologies available in the building, for work, study or research, using expert tutor, able to provide useful technical support.
  • to provide free access to the permanent collection of Web Art fruit of the work done by Shockart.net since 1999
  • to create a network for the promotion and dissemination of its activities, both through traditional media and digital

Target audience

The target audience is quite large and heterogeneous, since the WAM is able to attract and engage all those involved or interested in issues relating to art, digital culture, new technology and communication.

The WAM is a center of attraction for students, universities, schools and academies.

Structure, equipment and logistics

The sensitivity of the institutions that have been taken to heart the project and our belief in the importance socio-cultural initiative, meant that it could lay the foundation stone of the WAM in Rome, a city of international art reference.

The structure includes:

  • Offices
  • Offices and laboratories for the production and post-production
  • Classrooms and laboratories for training
  • A multi-purpose room for events, conferences and exhibitions
  • A public area with laboratories, internet cafes and permanent exhibition area
  • A website as the central node of the network


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